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Furkan Ersun
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About – Furkan Ersun

February 3, 2022

About me

I’m Furkan Ersun, I have been working on SEO, also known as search engine optimization, since 2016. I develop myself to always provide first-class quality service to my customers and I work to adapt to the advancing technology. My area of ​​expertise and the services I provide cover numerous elements such as promotion, advertising, organic hit submission and backlinks. Websites that receive SEO services from me have numerous advantages. First of all, my task is to ensure that the sites reach the targeted number of visits and thus to increase the interest in their products or services. I serve anyone who wants to reach potential customers both locally and globally.
Increasing the visibility of brands or people in the virtual world, long-term positioning strategies and high return on investment are among the advantages that my customers often benefit from. My customers don’t have to waste money on ad units like Facebook Ads, Yandex Ads or AdWords. In addition to all these, I also provide site design and site upgrade services. My clients can enjoy affordable rates for my high-quality SEO services. You can work with me professionally to increase the target audience of your website by gaining prestige.


Furkan Ersun

My Goals

Thanks to the services I have provided in the field of SEO over the years, I have been developing websites and enabling them to reach more users. After examining the structure of the sites, I provide a well-equipped SEO service by making content development, online business development campaign management and keyword suggestions. I run the advertising business both individually and through r10. Thanks to the services I provide, my customers rank higher in search engines and attract constant visitors to their sites.
SEO, which is one of the most effective and low-cost advertising methods, can only be successful with the strategies applied by experienced people. As someone who has been working at the heart of the industry for years, I achieve maximum customer satisfaction by applying both traditional and self-created strategies. My career mission is to always provide my clients with first-class quality and exceptional services at the most affordable prices. However, my career goal is to rise to the CEO position in the future.

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Furkan Ersun

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